Prof. dr. ir. Gijsbert Ooms

professor of fluid mechanics

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PhD-theses written under supervision of G. Ooms

  • H.C. √únal
    Some aspects of two-phase flow, heat transfer and dynamic instabilities in medium and high pressure steam generators;
    March 1981
    (with Prof. D.G.H. Latzko)
  • J.A. Ottjes
    Pressure losses in pneumatic transport; a model based on particle-wall interactions and particle density distribution;
    June 1982
    (with Prof. G.L. Meeuse)
  • R. van der Welle
    A contribution to the numerical description of rotating two-phase flow;
    March 1983
    (with Prof. D.G.H. Latzko)
  • A.S. Bos
    Agglomeration in suspension;
    November 1983
    (with Prof. F.J. Zuiderweg)
  • J.M.G. Kunen
    On the detection of coherent structures in turbulent flows;
    October 1984
  • C.W.M. van der Geld
    On phase distribution transitions in vertical evaporator tubes;
    November 1985
    (with Prof. C.W.J. van Koppen)
  • A.J. van Bekkum
    Theoretical and experimental investigations of the liquid flow around a gas bubble;
    November 1985
    (with Prof. J.M. Smith)
  • F.G.J. Absil
    The entrainment of particles by a turbulent spot in a laminar boundary layer;
    March 1986
  • R.V.A. Oliemans
    The lubricating-film model for core-annular flow;
    May 1986
  • J.J.M. Geraets
    Centrifugal scaling of isothermal gas-liquid flow in horizontal tubes;
    October 1986
  • M. Lafeber
    Numerical and physical aspects of large eddy simulation of turbulent flows;
    September 1987
    (with Prof. P. Wesseling)
  • A.P. van Ulden
    The spreading and mixing of dense gas clouds in still air;
    January 1988
    (with Prof. J. Wieringa)
  • C.J.A. Pulles
    Drag reduction of turbulent boundary layers by means of grooved surfaces;
    March 1988
    (with Prof. G. Vossers)
  • H.R.E. van Maanen
    Retrieval of turbulence and turbulence properties from randomly sampled laser-Doppler anemometry data with noise;
    September 1999
    (with Prof. C. Tropea)
  • S.C.L. Guet
    Bubble size effect on the gas-lift technique
    May 2004
    (with Prof. R.V.A. Oliemans)
  • C. Poelma
    Experiments in particle-laden turbulence
    October 2004
    (with Prof. J. Westerweel)
  • P. Poesio
    Ultrasonic flow stimulation and particles removal in a porous material
    December 2004
    (with Prof. M.E.H. van Dongen and dr. D.M.J. Smeulders)
  • E.R.A. Coyajee
    A Front-capturing method for the numerical simulation of dispersed two-phase flow
    September 2007
    (with Prof. P. Wesseling and prof. B.J. Boersma)
  • M.N. Descamps
    Experimental study of three-phase gas-lift
    November 2007
    (with Prof. R.V.A. Oliemans and prof. R.F. Mudde)
  • C. Tesauro
    Some aspects of drag reducing flows, a numerical study
    May 2008
    (with Prof. B.J. Boersma)
  • K. Piela
    Phase inversion in a dispersed oil-water and oil-water-gas flow
    September 2008
    (with Prof. R.V.A. Oliemans)
  • M.J. Bijlard
    Analysis of particle-induced turbulence modulation and two-fluid closures by DNS channel flow
    February 2009
    (with Prof. R.V.A. Oliemans)